Every Single One of Us, The Error’d Outside

Over at Worse Than Failure, they’ve captured some error messages on marquees and message boards.

Although I haven’t seen any of these particular errata, I have found a number of ways to break kiosks that use Web pages to deliver their content. One of my favorites is to navigate the links to external sites provided that give local details and color and whatnot; within them, you can sometimes find the mailto: links that trigger Microsoft Outlook Express to open up or you can get access to forms and whatnot that you can manipulate with the tap of the screen.

Actually, there’s this kiosk down at a certain building in downtown St. Louis where you can double-tap a row on the screen of the building’s residents, triggering a stack trace. Seems the developer forgot to account for that action; after all, who double-clicks on a kiosk?

Ah, the worst of both worlds.

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