Reminder to Project Managers, Account / Engagement / Client Relationship Managers

Remember, Project Managers, No is an unlimited resource; you can use it as often as you like to deal with timeline compression and feature creep, and you will always have more for the next time.

And here’s some new information for everyone in direct contact with the client: that word that everyone’s always talking about is pronounced noʊ. Try to use it in conversation with the client sometime.

No Responses to “Reminder to Project Managers, Account / Engagement / Client Relationship Managers”

  1. DarkStar Says:

    Reminder to Managers outsourcing IT Work: Remember that a company’s attitude often reflects their abilities and confidence. The more you hear “no,” the more you need to wonder if they have an interest in seeing your project succeed. The best partners find a way to deliver what you need them to deliver. Be prepared to place your John Hancock on change orders and revised estimates – but do not take “No” for an answer. A “can-do” attitude is but one attribute of a successful relationship. Some companies will work with you to “find the way,” and others will force you into their way, or nothing. The company repeating “No” is the company passing on the complaints of uninspired and unmotivated employees. Like plenty of fathers have said in the past: “Can’t means won’t.”

  2. Director Says:

    Did you write that with a straight face?

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