What We Have Here Is A Failure To Incrementate

So I was looking at the pictures on the Today Show’s Web site that someone was trying to use to blackmail Miss New Guernsey or Miss New Jersey or some beauty pageant participant/winner. I was doing this for research purposes, understand. And I noticed something special about the slide show viewer. Here’s one of the photographs:

Picture #7 seen in Firefox
You can click it to see it full size in a new browser window, gentle reader. I’ve even circled points of interest to simplify things if you’re a developer, although I couldn’t constrain my syllable count in explanation. You see that the querystring identifies this as page 7, but the iteration at the bottom says it’s image 1 of 10.So what happens if you click the Next button?

Picture #8 seen in Firefox
A new picture, a new pg value on the querystring, but it’s still image 1 of 10.What happens in Internet Explorer?
Picture #8 seen in Internet Explorer
Wonder of wonders! It’s working in Internet Explorer; that is, Internet Explorer knows it’s image 8 of 10.Yeah, so some developer came along and, since IE is his or her preferred browser, he or she tested it in IE and it worked, so everything’s copacetic. Except that a large portion of the public doesn’t use Internet Explorer.It’s one thing to build a Web application for your internal company network where you mandate everyone use Internet Explorer 6.0 until such time as we’re all implanted with cybernetic surfboards. It’s another to build a Web site for the general public that lacks very basic cross-browser compatibility testing.

In many cases, your common developer fancies himself smarter than the average man, so he’s running Firefox and you’ll find that he’s developed a Web application or a Web site that looks like crap in Internet Explorer. Other times, he’ll be the artistic, Macintosh type developing for Safari which can look okay in Firefox, but again like crap in Internet Explorer.

Sometimes, just to cheese them off, I like to fire up Opera or another lesser (less than 1% of the browsing public uses it) browser and log defects about how things don’t align correctly or work just right. Or AOL on the Macintosh…..oh, yeah. Fix that, you developing scum!

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  1. TheKiser Says:

    Hey, I resemble that crack about developers!

    Now don’t tell me you are surprised that it prefers IE. Ever here of MSNBC?

    What gets me is a site that tells you it only works in IE. Usually, if you can get around the browser test, it works just fine in Firefox. I like Opera’s ability to lie about what kind of browser it is. Comes in handy sometimes.

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