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In SD Times, columnist David Linthicum asks: Is SOA Quality a Priority?

SOA testing is in the media a bit these days as those who implement SOA have to make sure those new services, abstraction layers and orchestrations are ready for prime time. However, the common approach to SOA deployment is: development now, requirements maybe, and testing if we have the time. You can’t afford to make that mistake; there is too much on the line with this stuff.

Indeed, a recent study by Nucleus Research discovered that existing SOA implementations achieved limited success when considering ROI. Only 37 percent of enterprises have achieved a positive return on their investments from SOA deployments. While the root cause of these low ROI numbers can be attributed to many factors, the key issues relate to a lack of planning and a lack of testing.

Central to this problem is the fact that quality assurance, in general, is an often overlooked concept to most developers and designers. I mean, you’re admitting that your code and resulting services need to be tested. How can that be?

How long have you been in the industry? This is called business as usual in most sectors.

Or, as I like to say (starting today), HIHO: Hubris in, Hopelessness Out.

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