Tripping Over Your Own Footer Links

You remember, our unofficial slogan here at is Everything, every time. That’s because sometimes the little things that a QA staff doesn’t check because they’ve tested something very similar on a similar page or, heaven forfend, there’s no QA team at all and nobody is checking the little things at all.

Take, for instance, this contest to win a Chevy Camaro painted like the Transformer Bumblebee.

Now, I’m not going to make too much fun of the drop-down list for country and its impact on the entry form, which is namely to change the labels on the state and Zip code edit boxes without fundamentally altering either the choices in them (limiting them to states or provinces, for example). Well, a little mockery is in order:

That's the state of New Brunswick
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When you select United States as the country, the drop-down list is labeled State, but you can select “Canadian” provinces.

The label changes, but nothing else does.
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Choosing Canada as the country changes the label, but not the list available in the newly-minted “Province” drop-down list, which includes states.

Usability aside, I’m sure that someone argued that the user had to explicitly select a country, which is why that list is available at all (because rules and laws differ from country to country). I mean, selecting a province and entering a Canadian postal code would have sort of implied Canada was the country, but there are hoops that sweepstakers have to jump through.

No, I am here to snicker about the footer link that leads to a 404 on the thank you page:

No rules, just right?
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Maybe someone checked the Rules and Regulations link on the entry form page. But no one checked it on the thank you page, where it was broken.

I mean, come on; this promotion has a total of like 3 pages (entry, thank you, and rules) and the developing organization managed to make a fundamental mistake on one of them.

That’s why you have QA check everything, every time. Even the footer links that are on all of the pages.

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