You Must Disable Security Features To Use This Web Site

I am not going to pick on the Royal Caribbean Web site because it lacks a non-flash alternative for its main heading image, prompting users to download a plugin:

No non-flash alternative
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I am not going to pick on the Royal Caribbean Web site because, when you’ve got Flash installed, it plays an annoying bit of music and the sound control is small and in the corner with text that describes the current state, not what clicking the control will do:

The sound toggle control shows the current state, not what clicking it will do
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I am not going to pick on the Royal Caribbean Web site, although I should, because it has hanging JavaScript errors waiting for a bashing:

JavaScript error: $295 USD in Jamaica
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No, friends, I am going to mock the Royal Caribbean Web site because it requires you to disable your pop-up blocker to work correctly. If you don’t, you don’t get to see the downloadable brochures for the expensive shore excursions the cruise line wants to bleed you for because they’re blocked as unsolicited pop-ups:

Pop-up blocked
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That is, Royal Caribbean has spent enough money on its Web site development. Y, loyal customer who routinely drops thousands of dollars on Royal Caribbean cruises and tours but who probably are not that technically savvy, need to flail around not knowing why it’s not working and only when you call the Royal Caribbean technical support line learn that you need to disable the pop-up blocker that your Web browser recommends you turn on, that the giant software nonopoly who wrote your computer software recommends you turn on, and your computer-savvy nephew who comes by every time you’re infected with a computer virus recommends you leave on. Just turn it off because Royal Caribbeans Web minions or the bean counters who capped the budget on the project and won’t budge on inch to increase the usability of the site so that your downloadable brochures actually appear when most people click the link to see them.

I mean, not building your Web site to accommodate the most basic default settings of your consumer Web browsers. How gauche.

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