In Some Organizations, That’s SOP

An open-source, tech-geek-beloved project set to act like a for-profit, lowest-possible-bidder, fly-by-night, on-some-shore project? Believe it:

Mozilla seems to have forgotten this, with The New York Times reporting that the upcoming Firefox 3.0 set to ship with only 20 percent of its remaining 700 “blocker” (serious enough to justify postponing a release) bugs resolved before it ships.

Of course, Mozilla has already fixed over 11,000 bugs, according to Mozilla developer Asa Dotzler. Even so, that doesn’t answer the apparent fact that the Firefox development community is planning to ship a product before a wide range of known blocker bugs are resolved.

As if millions of developer voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced before anyone cared.

Seriously, though, when confronted with critical issues uncovered with most projects, developers are quick to resolve those issues without fixing the problems using the martial art egokido. We in QA are surprised it’s taken them this long to begin behaving that way in their avocational pursuits.

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