It’s Easy To Be A Cool Hipster In Anchorage

Because I signed up for a free subscription for MacWorld when I got my first testing Macintosh and because I’ve kept up the subscription because co-workers like the magazine, I’m subject to cool, hip advertisements for all the foolish bric-a-mac that the cool and the hip sell to the sheephipsters.

The following advertisement always gets my goat, though, because when I worked at an interactive marketing agency, I would have shrieked about the implication.


Living the cool life
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Take a good look at that clock. Now, take a good look at that sunrise. Now, put the two of them together and realize that the city you see in the distance must be Anchorage, Alaska, because frankly that’s about the biggest city you can see in the distance from a place where the sun is only clearing the horizon at a little after 10.

Sure, I know why the graphic geniuses did that; they were working from the actual product photograph. If only designers had built-in common sense, though. But they’re like developers: in love with their own genius and unable to see the gestalt.

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