That’s Probably Public Domain By Now

Wow, that’s an interesting copyright date; the actual forms must have been filed in Rome:

Copyright 2007
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No, wait, that’s not the real copyright date; it’s merely that a provider of Web solutions has a product Web site with obvious flaws, such as laying out incorrectly and actually giving incorrect data when viewed in Firefox. But that’s not all, of course.

Including a broken link in the navigation:

Click to go nowhere.
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If you go to the parent company’s site, you’ll see that it’s got a nice JavaScript error right on the front page.

JavaScript Error.  Again
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If you click around a bit, you’ll find that they’re hiring a Quality Analyst. Qualifications: an associate’s degree.

I was recently speaking to a project manager I know, and she mentioned not understanding how some companies can trust their applications/Web sites to understaffed, underqualified QA departments. Do they not understand that a good QA team can prevent the organization from making a fool of itself in front of clients and users, or do they spend the least amount of money they can and hope for the best?

Probably the latter. Again.

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