The Poor Forgotten Thank You Page

The poor, lonely confirmation page never gets the attention it needs during the testing cycle of a sweepstakes or promotion. You’ve seen me identify problems with them before, and you’ll see me identify problems with them again, very soon if you click the more link.

This sweepstakes, hosted by someone called Frontgate, offers you the chance to win a Lexus. Hey, who wouldn’t want to win a Lexus? If you’re the type to read the fine print, you click the Terms and Conditions link whose lawyerly information is vetted and fretted by the legal team. Here’s the goods:

Terms and conditions
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Everything you wanted to know about the contest, including the official name, which I don’t see anywhere on the page itself. Okay, now fill out the form.

Ignoring, of course, the JavaScript error on form submission:

JavaScript Error #1
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And the JavaScript error on the page load:

JavaScript Error #2
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The confirmation page that displays has another link to the terms and conditions. Say you want to check out what you just signed up for. Click it, and, oops:

The wrong terms and conditions
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That’s the link to the terms and conditions of a companion program, but a lot of times you’ll see cut and paste from previous promotions here that lead to incorrect information or stale links that lead to 404s.

Now, someone high on the project’s special Rationalization Team will say that….

Well, something. When they open their mouths, I tend to hear ambient noise in the room. Go ask your legal team if that’s good enough. I doubt it will, and I bet your RT will indicate perhaps the client won’t notice.

Sure, it’s a little bit more time-consuming to check the confirmation pages if you have to submit the form to get to them, but that’s what they pay QA badly for.

No, the thank you page is indeed something to which the Software QA mantra, Every thing, every time should apply.

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