Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral?

Does alignment matter? The people who put together this Kohl’s sweepstakes don’t think so.

For starters, all of the data entry fields are aligned flush left, except the unrequired apartment/suite field whose lack of an asterisk makes it flush lefter:

Flush lefter
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Then, when you type values into the fields, the text is aligned above the center of the text boxes:

Uppity text
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Perhaps it’s from my cranky days as a printer (operating a web press, thank you very much, which all of the recruiters loved about me until I explained that a sheet of paper pulled taut throughout a press doesn’t have anything to do with .asp), but I like things to be aligned correctly and completely. When handed a printed resume from a friend that he’d worked on for days and had Kinko’s print on good paper, I promptly responded that it was crooked because the right side was 1/32nd of an inch lower than the left. I saw it plain as day.

Also, kudos to this rather unorthodox configuration:

The correct answer is required.
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The form designer has used radio buttons instead of the normal agreement to the rules checkbox; if you click the No radio button, the form triggers validation and won’t submit. So not only is this field required, but the correct answer to this field is required as well.

Which is why most people go with the checkbox.

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