The Exact Moment of Cut and Paste Failure

Cut and paste makes everything better, right? Well, no, it gives you a chance to replicate your mistakes multiple times. For example, shows us exactly where the designer/developer used cut and paste on the Web site.

At the bottom, a set of callouts points you to different sections of the site; the guy who inserted the alt text decided to call the images to the left of the callouts “emblems.” Well, mostly.

He got this one right:

The emblem
Click for full size

However, one typo, one CTRL+C, and 2 CTRL+Vs later, we’ve got a problem:

Misspelling 1
Click for full size

Misspelling 2
Click for full size

Misspelling 3
Click for full size

It’s such a common function that we use it without thought, but when you’re pasting, you should probably make sure what you’re pasting is correct; otherwise, it’s retyping, search/replacing, or blushing.

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