A Designer Tries To Distract QA

A Web designer sends along a flaw with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Web site. Normally, I don’t spend my time critiquing the paper’s Web site because it could keep me busy full time. However, I’ll show this problem to show that sometimes, after they’ve been cowed often enough by actual QA, sometimes designers pay attention to small details.

As part of its extensive coverage of the closure of major artery I64 (commonly known as Highway 40 because that’s its US Highway numbers, 40-61), the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has gone all Web 2.0 and has grafted on a picture gallery called MyCapture onto the site so people can upload their images and can vote on them and whatnot.

However, as Froggie Girl notes, if the actual slideshow increments incorrectly. If you go to the gallery page, you’ll notice it has a number of images:

The Gallery
Click here for full size

Now, note that there are 9 images in the gallery. Click one of the images, and the number at the bottom indicates that there are 8 images in the gallery. Until, of course, you hit image number 9:

That's Mr. Image 9 of 8 to you, son
Click for full size

It looks like a common enough problem with these simple photo galleries, incrementing these values incorrectly. It would probably be an easy enough fix, too; perhaps understanding 0-based indexes might help.

But a little reminder, Ms. Designer, and all of you who would send hints and tips about problems with other people’s and other applications’ issues and defects: as soon as QA is done counting these poppy seeds, we’re still coming for you.

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