Don’t Fear The New Window

NotchedUp, a new service designed to make something that its founder can sell to LinkedIn or when they’re flush, shows us why the links to terms and conditions should open in a new window. I’d throw in a link, but it requires an invitation to view. Regardless, here’s the form:

The offending link
Click for full size

The poor applicant clicks it, and the terms display in the main window:

Terms of Use in main window
Click for full size

There you have them, in the main window. With no link to take you back to the form. If you click the magic back button, you’re taken back to the form page, but without any of the data you might have entered.

The site has a mechanism to pop open a smaller child window; I assume its lack in this instance is a simple oversight. However, it does illustrate why these should always got to “_blank”.

Because if you’re a startup with no reputation and with functionality that borders on too-good-to-be-true and replicates some of the stuff other companies do, you can’t afford any abandoned forms.

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