Developer Hubris Causes Project, Software Failures

Sure, we say it, and nobody listens.

Larry O’Brien says, in “Drinking the Dirty Water“:

When a system is conceived, continued Jitendra, it embodies the insight and experience of its conceiver, and the great achievement seems to be this conception. But even if we were to grant the conceiver absolute dictatorial power over the system, we would often see tears from his or her eyes.

As a system embodied in computer hardware, it has necessary characteristics. But the conceived system, that which is imagined and valued above all others, is a system not with computer characteristics, but with the characteristics of its originator. An extension of its creator, at least, if not an outright duplication!

That is, because they are the gods creating the world that is the software, it hurts their feelings when it’s proven that they’re just playing Populus in their own minds, and the customers and users often want something other than the perfection they’ve provided.

David S. Linthicum says, in “Why Some Developers Are Hurting SOA“:

However, another hard truth is that most developers don’t think about architecture, but focus more on the latest tools, languages and platforms. They are more concerned about how things are built, versus why they are built, or, more importantly, how software systems work and play well with other systems. That thought pattern needs to come to a quick end.

See? The developers are more interested in using the coolest things to craft their greatest fantasies, not quality, useable software.

Of course, I’d like to rail on about how QA says it, and nothing happens, but the cool writers with paying gigs in actual publications say it, and change occurs.

But I’m far to cynical for that. Perhaps a couple of high-level people who read the SD Times might slightly alter their thinkings, but for every one who cleans up his or her act, Java programmer factories turn out 20 more who will make the same old institutional mistakes at half the cost.

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