Expanding the Mind of the Bourgeois User

I suspect that many designers really are art students that create “works” at home designed to shock the sentiment of the bourgeoisie, but since they cannot do that at work and remain employed, they find smaller ways to broaden the mind of the simpleton consumer. Such as flouting basic interface conventions, as in the example provided by the Xerox Incredible, Inc. promotion‘s sweepstakes entry form:

Incredible checkboxes
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See the two checkboxes at the bottom? Ha, ha! You, too, are trapped in the petty, unenlightened mindset passed down to you by your ancestors. Free your mind, man! Those opt-in controls are radio buttons that are square and show checkmarks!

Throw best practices and de facto standards out the window and confuse your user. For his and her betterment!

In most cases, the basic control types won’t let you do this, but Adobe Flash allows designers to disregard the laws of physics and good interface design at whim.

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  1. pberry Says:

    The copy writer doesn’t know the difference between “affect” and “effect” either. Luckily to have QA around to do the real proofreading.

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