Gallery of Stack Traces: A Stack Trace Denied

When is a stack trace not a stack trace? When it’s merely parroting back a problem with the webconfig file.

As you might know, the webconfig file is a magickal place where lazy developers dump things they should have coded for a Web site. Certain errors spit up, instead of beautiful bits of code, a message about the webconfig file:

Runtime error, problem with webconfig
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This particular message indicates that the tech team for this organization has not set up a custom error message properly, I think. Still, you’ll get these webconfig errors plenty, and let’s face it, they’re just not as much fun as a full stack trace. But we have to take our pleasures where we can.

Also, I mentioned yesterday that the first thing I do with a form is to submit it without data to see what happens. Uh, American Airlines? This isn’t what you want to happen.

Oh, never mind.  I see it’s not only when I register, but when I try to log in, too.  Never mind.  It’s not that I’m particularly evil; it’s that your Web site particularly sucks.

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