In Its Native Language, That’s A JavaScript Eee-eee-eee-eee

Want to Web browse like an espionage agent? Bottlenose, a company that makes Web sites for wineries, lets you do just that!

The handler has been eliminated.
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Like an undercover op, once your handler is nullified, you can operate freely. Well, not so much, as this JavaScript error occurs on every page on every event. Not only on the Bottlenose site, but on each of its clients’ sites, apparently, such as the site for The Wine Club:

The error recurs
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Not knowing the sites, I cannot tell you how bad that is, but a missing handler on every event, well, seems a bit problematic, probably.

You know how to catch these things, QAmpatriots, right? Run through your sites in Internet Explorer and watch for the JavaScript Error icon. You can even set your browser to show them all the time, as I do. This way, you can catch subtle failures like an error on every single browser event.

(By the way, the title is an attempt at replicating the sound of the bottlenosed dolphin for humorous purposes. I know, I know. Just because we’re good in QA doesn’t always mean we’re funny.)

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