Not Exactly Building Brand Equity

So I keep getting e-mails from Edward J. Correia, editor of Software Test and Performance magazine. Fan mail from someone who discovered his name in this post? No, he wants me to renew my subscription to the magazine, and I’m happy to oblige since I like the magazine a lot (it gives me food for thought and occasional jumping off points for posting here).

However, as you can expect, the online form has problems. Or else I wouldn’t bring it up.

I’ve hit the site a couple of times. The first time, I got a JavaScript error and the page didn’t render properly.

Something titled Req should probably always be defined
Click for full size

Another time, I got through the form. However, a later yet visit (because I wasn’t sure I’d filled it out right) yielded a JavaScript error again.

Brother, if you’re writing a magazine about software testing, you probably want to make sure that your e-mail campaigns and related forms, you know, work.

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