Software Workarounds Cause Problems With Real Users

A recent article shows how the workarounds put in place in software impedes people. This article, entitled “Apostrophes in names stir lot o’ trouble“, alludes to a number of characters that software designers/developers mishandle:

It can stop you from voting, destroy your dental appointments, make it difficult to rent a car or book a flight, even interfere with your college exams. More than 50 years into the Information Age, computers are still getting confused by the apostrophe. It’s a problem familiar to O’Connors, D’Angelos, N’Dours and D’Artagnans across America.

To avoid SQL injection attacks, which can use the apostrophe, a lot of times developers just prevent users from entering apostrophes into the edit boxes on Web forms.

That’s not the best solution, as the people in the article attest. You shouldn’t let your developers get away with it.

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  1. angelweave Says:

    It’s not only to prevent SQL Injection, it’s also pure laziness.


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