Trusting Me Was Your First Mistake

As a morale booster, I went to to use the Personal Currency Assistant to convert my meager QA salary into foreign currencies so the number is bigger. Unfortunately, the Personal Currency Assistant trusts me too much.

For example, if I enter arf, which is my dog’s salary, into the conversion edit box and apply, the return is an error value:

Typing a string makes an error
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I mean, how hard is it to disable alphabetical characters and strings? Too hard for this application developer, apparently.

Then, I enter a really large number. Because a man can dream, can’t he?

Too many numbers spoils the return
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You know, there’s this thing called the maxlength attribute. Seriously. It’s that much harder to limit the number of characters that a text box can handle. A whole 30 keystrokes or less.

But if you have a big number that fits into the algorithm, you blow the layout of the small browser window, forcing the user to resize:

Too many digits spoils the display
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Come on, guys, these are basic Web good things to do. I mean, if you build your little applications that trust your users as little as you should trust your QA staff, you’ll build solid applications with high usability. Otherwise, you give us too much to snicker about and render your software more annoying for the user.

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