But It Passes Link Check

You remember, fellow QAdestrians, that I recommend running through your Web site’s links manually at first to make sure that the links go to the right places because link checkers are often happy enough if the links go anywhere. WTShopping, the e-commerce arm of Wondertime magazine, shows us why.

The callouts/touts on the right side of the sweepstakes entry forms or submission success pages lead to the wrong contests:

The callouts pass link check!
Click for full size

The callouts and site use dynamic numbering for the sweepstakes entries, so the values in the URLs don’t make it obvious where the link is going. Since all of the links resolve, nothing leads to a 404. However, the callouts do not lead to the sweepstakes depicted within.

Something a little QA and maybe someone looking at it would have uncovered, but that costs money. Being a featured post on QA Hates You is free!

UPDATE: After Disney, parent of the magazine Wondertime, discovered its Web site referred to on QAHY and a flurry of e-mails, apparently daddy’s come home and the company responsible for this site has fixed the problem. Hey, Mickey, you’re welcome!  The whole thing could use a good what-for, honestly.  Remember, if you’re ever in the mood for a bit of professional QAHY attention, you can always reach me here at thedirector at qahatesyou.

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