Friends Don’t Let Friends AJAX

The SD Times has two bits this week on the dangers of AJAX for AJAX sake: All Sizzle and No Substance and Five Questions to Ask When Considering AJAX.

AJAX is a tougher bit to QA, too, since every discrete page load test that you can think of–particularly including timeouts and such–you need to test with operations that refresh data through AJAX. Also, you’ll find that many of your developers go along with your sales teams in pitching the latest buzzwords so that they, the developers, can learn AJAX on the fly, which means that the code they generate as they learn AJAX from a book or from Web tutorials is noticeably more buggy than the usual slop they churn out in languages they already have on their resumes.

There’s no stopping this train, but perhaps we in QA can make it derail on flat ground instead of over a cliff. Sometimes, that’s the best we can hope for.

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