Show Them You Care

Go ahead, download the Safari Web browser for Windows and demand that all your organization’s Web sites and applications be compatible starting now.

That will make your team’s day.

UPDATE March 31, 2008: It looks like the problems are coming in:

With Apple Inc. aggressively foisting Safari 3.1 on Windows users, millions are likely trying out the Web browser for the first time.

Though many are finding the free browser touted by Apple to be both faster and more accurate at displaying Web pages, not everyone is happy.

According to online complaints, a number of Web sites run by Microsoft Corp. don’t load at all under Safari. Such Microsoft sites that have been confirmed by Computerworld include Windows Live Hotmail, Office Live Workspace and Office Live Small Business.


One of the most common complaints is that Adobe Systems Inc.’s Flash plug-in is malfunctioning under Safari.

“Flash works fine in FireFox. Will not work in Safari,” wrote one user, ‘wriba,’ on Apple’s own Safari discussion forum. Flash “does not/will not show up as an installed plugin in Safari. My OS is Vista. Without this plugin, Safari (while I like it) is relatively worthless.”

No Responses to “Show Them You Care”

  1. gimlet Says:

    If you have QuickTime installed, then the Apple update utility will automatically select it and iTunes to be downloaded for you. How sweet of them!

  2. The Director Says:

    That’s what made me take note of the availability.

    Now that it’s going to spontaneously appear on many consumers’ computers, many consumers will try it out.

  3. gimlet Says:

    Consider it a warm up for IE8…

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