Speaking of QA Hates You.com

Instant messages intercepted indicate that QAHatesYou.com is a raging hit!

One guy says (1:52 PM): speaking of work, where does The Director work? I ‘m curious what it might be like to work for a company that has a QA person that at least understands the function of QA… unlike the asshats we have here in QA…

One guy says (1:52 PM): I read his QAHatesYou blog then I almost cry when I think of how the
people in our QA group just don’t get it…

Another guy (2:03 PM): tell me about it

That’s right. Here at QAHY, we’re an altogether different kind of asshat.

I’m going to put that on my marketing collateral, by the way: Not like the asshats you have in QA.

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