A Spell Checker for Code

If you’re not compelling your developers to spell check their code, you’re falling down on the job.

ComponentOne is offering one that works with Microsoft Visual Studio. It runs through comments, HTML, and string constants.

Quote from the story of the product announcement:

Billy Hollis, an author and Microsoft “regional director”—one of a number of volunteers recognized by Microsoft’s Developer Platform evangelism group for technical expertise—suggested that developers should use a spell checker to improve the perceived quality of their work.

“The only way users can judge quality is [by] what they see,” Hollis explained. “If they see misspelled words, many will assume they are seeing shoddy work.” He believes that many developers depend on testers to find spelling problems that appear in the user interface and submit the spelling errors as bug reports.

Yes, indeed. And if you’re expecting QA to find all the words in all of the messages, you’re expecting more out of QA than I do.

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