Advertising Agencies With Bad Web Sites

One fellow identifies Mexican firm TeranTWBA, and I have to agree. How many problems can you find without even understanding the language?

Here are three quick ones.

For starters, the site is designed in Flash and does not account for the Internet Explorer Click to activate thing:

Click to ACTIVATE the super powers of this Flash presentation!
Click for full size

How about cutting off the phone number? You betcha!

This phone has been cut off
Click for full size

Finally, how about a JavaScript error that occurs when you click anything in the portfolio:

Well, that's not special; I see that creativity everywhere.
Click for full size

Of course, you don’t actually get to see anything in the portfolio. Just the error.

We have a saying in the banking industry: Never trust a bald barber; he has no respect for your hair. Likewise, I don’t know how agencies get away with sloppy Web sites, but it surely prepares the expectations for the clients as to the quality of work they should expect.

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