B-R-O-W-S-E-R C-O-M-P-A-T-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y, Find Out What It Means To Me

It works with Internet Explorer, why bother look at it in other browsers? Schlitz Gusto explains why, inadvertently.

One, Flash animations which overlay the right edge of the table border:

Think of it as a planned fade.  If you think of it at all.
Click for full size

Standard page footers that appear at the top of the page:

In soccer, sometimes the foot is actually above the head, so somehow, this is okay.
Click for full size

And how about some black heading text?

The information about the data they collect is as black as their helicopters.
Click for full size

Ha! Just kidding. That last one is actually black in Internet Explorer so it, like the magic disappearing exclamation point in the title, is just a garden variety bug that the brand’s agency hopes will go unnoticed.


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