Developing While Color Blind

You know what? If your validation message says red, maybe you ought to put something in red. I’m talking to you, “Spike” TV. Here’s the form for the After Hours sweepstakes before data entry:

The form, with nothing in red.
Click for full size

Now, trigger the validation message by clicking Submit without entering data:

The only thing we have to highlight in red is highlight in red itself
Click for full size

The only thing highlighted in red are the words highlighted in red. Delicious irony, friends, delicious.

Remember, fonts changing color is not really the best way to do things since this will cause problems for color blind people and does not conform to Section 508 compliance best practices. Not that I would expect someone who works for “Spike” TV to know about that.

And while I’m thinking about it, what’s it with the right-aligned display values in the drop-down lists?

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