Disney E-mail Goes The Extra Mile, Gets Lost

You have to hand it to the people responsible for the Disney Movie Rewards e-mails. They just try harder.

The basic e-mail has the normal, if you can’t see it, click to see it on the Web link:

The normal click here to view as Web page link.
Click for full size

And that view as Web page is wise enough to remove the View as Web page link (a pet peeve of mine, as you know: the “View as Web page” link on the actual Web page that the user views when viewing an e-mail as a Web page). The Disney interactive marketing team and its e-mail vendor go the extra mile, though, and put a special link on that Web page instead:

Click here if you're still having trouble
Click for full size

Awesome. I love it when they go that extra step. And fail:

The page could not be named more appropriately.
Click for full size

A page entitled Marketer Error Page with nothing on it.

It could not be named more appropriately.

You know what The Director does when he’s running through the test e-mails, sometimes called “friendlies” because they’re sent to a list of known people for testing? He clicks every link in the e-mail. And you know what he does when he clicks the View as Web page link? He clicks every link on the Web page.

Often you’ll find that tracking information is missing or whatnot, but every once in again, you get the good stuff.

I should make a special category called Disney to collect all the pro bono work I’m doing for the company.

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