Enhancing Playability for the Color Blind

Many games rely on colors to distinguish good versus bad or your team versus another team; this can cause problems for the colorblind:

I’m color blind and have trouble seeing various shades; purple vs. blue, red vs. orange, green vs. red, yellow vs. orange, etc. Very few games seem to take color blindness into account. If you want to take a color blindness test, you can try one out by clicking here.

For years this wasn’t a big issue, as it normally only affected puzzle games, and I’ve come to accept it. In Bust-a-Move people normally focus on the colors, while I look at the shapes inside the balls. I’ve given up on playing Super Puzzle Fighter. I know in Luxor I’m going to occasionally shoot an orb into the wrong spot.

It might be a nice thing to bring up in your requirements meetings. I mean, it’s not required by Section 508 compliance or anything, but there’s probably a class action lawsuit waiting to happen, and your organization could get ahead of it.

(Link seen on Instapundit.)

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