Haphazard Form

So this Mylicon Pamper Your Baby sweepstakes form is obviously slapped together badly. Look at how the I accept the terms and conditions checkboxes is not marked as required and appears above the top of the form itself, including the legend indicating that the required fields are marked with an asterisk:

Poor form, Peter
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Let’s leave aside the fact that the form displays below what looks to be an introductory page with a button labeled Let the Pampering Begin.  Let’s leave aside the obvious logical flaw in reconfirming your e-mail address when you haven’t confirmed it a first time.  No, let’s focus on what a user would do with the form.  Like fill out the fields marked as required and click Submit. What happens? The worst possible thing, of course.

Uh oh.
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Okay, so I exaggerate. I have much worse things I can imagine than the application displays validation messages that you failed to fill out fields not marked as required, and the application uses some cookie-based system to actually hide many of the required fields that you didn’t fill out. But this is bad, regardless.  The user cannot correct his or her mistakes, and because the page uses cookies, the user cannot simply refresh the form to see all fields again.  The user must clear all cookies and then reload the form to reenter all data.  Assuming, by this time, the user wants to continue.

Pamper Your Baby? More like Make Your Users Cry Like A Baby.

On the plus side, these invaluable compromises made by the management staff trading off quality for expediency and profit probably allowed this project to come in on time and on budget, which in the interactive world tends to mean only a little late and only a little over budget.

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