How To Make Your Sweepstakes Promotion Look Like A Scam

Bayer Animal Health is running the Advantage Stay & Play contest to give you and your animals valuable prizes. However, they’ve certainly allowed for it to look suspicious.

The actual contest is handled by ePrize, but I don’t think we can handle the entirety of the campaign upon them. Someone has created a landing page for the promotion located at

Nothing makes a user feel better than seeing an IP URL
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Revel in that for a moment, friends: The interactive agency couldn’t spring for a domain name or use a subdomain of an existing site. Instead, they rely on a raw IP address.

Geez, I hope users feel insecure enough when they see that. It’s the official page, as it’s related through the e-mails ePrize sends out when you fill out the form to which you’re redirected at I couldn’t find any inkling of this promotion on the Bayer Animal Health pages themselves, which is another indicator of the level of interactive agency we’re dealing with here.

Come on, kids, spring for a domain. Otherwise, you’ll look cheap to those who know and like a Romanian who wants your identity to those who don’t.

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