I Hate It When I Cannot Get My Caffeine

ePrizes, LLC, the most experienced interactive agency in the whole universe and a QAHY Hall of Fame member shows its attention to detail and strict adherence with JavaScript best coding practices on its promotional site for Caffeine, its self-service offering that lets companies build their own online promotions with just as many bugs as professionally developed ones.

However, if you click the start button on any of its pages, it pops up the Flash-based program builder and throws up an Access Denied JavaScript error:

You want the caffeine?  YOU CAN'T ACCESS THE CAFFEINE!
Click for full size

Ah, well, you cannot access them all.

I told them once, I told them a thousand times (not them ePrizes, but the vast unenumerated they found in sweeping generalizations: If you’re going to sell your professional services as an Internet something, make sure your own Web site works right. It’s like when I reviewed resumes for quality positions. One spelling or grammar mistake on the resume or the cover letter, and I threw it out.


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