Next Step? You Cannot Perform The Next Step!

The crocs Next Step Campus Tour sweepstakes offers a chance for a daily entry into a sweepstakes. Amusingly, the submission success page includes a prominent link to submitting a daily entry:

The next step for the Next Step?
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It’s amusing, because you get only one entry per day, so if you click that prominent image-based link, you get a warning message. Complete, of course, with a link to perform the same operation that you just failed:

Is this the next step?  I think we know the answer!
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You know, it’s probably not a good design to limit user frustration if you constantly encourage user to do something they cannot and then taunting them for trying. This is the Lucy Holds The Football school of Internet design, and it’s about as funny as Peanuts in the 21st century.


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