Pro Bono QA For Big Companies

Another organization has fixed one of its problems found on This Cottonelle sweepstakes.

It’s good to see an interactive agency cares. By the way, if you’re in New York City, Ketchum is hiring a Quality Assurance Specialist. If that link goes stale, go to and search for it. The interface prevents you from singling out a specific job in the Ketchum Web site, and the “Send to friend” will just send you to the search page, even when you click it on a specific job posting. Slops, but that’s not Ketchum’s fault.

No Responses to “ Pro Bono QA For Big Companies”

  1. strazzerj Says:

    I always wondered about your posts.

    You check out all these sites for fun? Not as part of your job?

    When you find the problems you post on your blog, do you also notify the site owner?

  2. The Director Says:

    I check out most of these sites because I want to win cool stuff. However, I have the critical eye of a seasoned interactive marketing quality guy, and I know how much of it sucks and the easy things to look for. The things I didn’t let my guys get away with.

    I don’t bother sending the information to the companies concerned because my experience indicates that most of those sorts of e-mails get ignored. Agencies and brands that Google themselves and find their sites on, now those guys are proactive and sometimes fix things as I mentioned.

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