That Could Come In Handy

Joe Strazzere points to a tool that looks handy: BareTail.

Some of my happiest years in testing occurred as I sat in a dark computer lab, watching a bank of monitors run automated scripts while a main monitor (19″! At the time, it was worth an exclamation point!) used the command tail to display a scrolling list of the latest entry to the test logs.

Were those happy, halcyon days because I got to work in a darkened computer lab? Because I was young and still optimistic? Or because I had the wonderful tail command?

It’s hard to say, but I did move on to other things and DOS/Windows environments without access to the joy of the command line tail, and I did become a bitter, cynical, distrusting quality assurance professional you readers all know and, well, read.

However, BareTail looks to provide the same functionality as tail with some additional Windows bells and whistles. Whereas I’ve sometimes thought of writing my own utility to do this, it looks as though I’m spared that effort. I’ve downloaded my copy and cannot wait to try it out.

Cue the renascence music, and watch for a smile on my face. Professionally, I haven’t had one for years (save for dark mirth and gallows humor), but it might happen. Might.

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