Cut and Paste Happens

Sometimes, even well-intentioned designers and developers errantly use the old cut-and-paste trick to replicate existing things, such as table rows in layouts such as we see in this e-mail:

That alt text would be correct if only it was not actually incorrect.
Click for full size

Sadly, though, even well-intentioned designers and developers are only designers and developers. In this case, no doubt the person cloned the first row in the table and used it as a microtemplate for all others in the table. Unfortunately, that person forgot to change the alt text for the Gifts image.

That’s why you have to test every thing, every time, QAsmonauts. Because this time it’s the alt text, but next time it could be the image filename (resulting in the wrong image or a broken image) or it could be the target of the link.

No Responses to “Cut and Paste Happens”

  1. DarkStar Says:

    “That’s why you have to every thing, every time, QAsmonauts”

    Have to what? QA something? Like this blog post?

  2. The Director Says:

    I never said I was perfect. I only said I was better than you.

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