I Might Have Encountered This Problem

Software error stalls validation of some winning D.C. lottery tickets:

A mysterious software bug in 17 lottery machines used by the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board in Washington left several dozen winning instant ticketholders unable to immediately cash their prize tickets last week.

The problem, according to Jay Young, chief operating officer of the lottery board, was tracked to the proprietary software that validates instant tickets with winning numbers, but the exact cause hasn’t been determined. The lottery board’s other 523 ticket machines were not affected, and winning ticket holders could cash their tickets at those machines. The problem occurred April 30 but was resolved by Monday.

The lottery machines hereabouts never seem to award me cash prizes; must be a software defect. Of course, I don’t tend to play the instant games. As fatalistic as I am, I just cannot put down my money on a ticket which is either a winner or more probably a loser at the minute I buy it. I prefer to wait a couple of days before losing.

I’m into delayed mortification, I guess, which is why I got into IT instead of something with more immediate negative result feedback, such as being a stuntman or bull riding.

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