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The Bar Is Not That High

Monday, May 5th, 2008 by The Director

If your standards are not that high, here’s a job for you:

Senioer QA, indeed
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Senioer, indeed.

Cutting Off QA’s Wrists, The Slow Way

Friday, May 2nd, 2008 by The Director

From an article about a meeting/brainstorming facilitator:

While her fight with cancer has made Hoffman insistently positive, business clients, colleagues and friends have learned to watch their tongues and gird their wrists around Hoffman. When she is facilitating meetings, she will gently point out when someone is speaking negatively about anyone or anything in her presence. In consulting sessions, she often asks participants to slip rubber bands on their wrists; when they say something downbeat, especially about themselves, she requires them to snap the rubber bands on their wrists as a stinging reminder to be positive. Cusumano admits that he’s had to snap a few rubber bands along with the center’s staff.

Brothers and sisters, too much exposure to that would turn any QA analyst into a double amputee.

As a defense mechanism, I’d recommend developing nonverbal cues, such as overturning the conference table and scattering laptops and PDAs. Or, if you’re more subtle, you can do as I did: cultivate a forceful look, known at my previous employer as The Director Look, which conveys all the skepticism, rancor, disbelief, and distaste that occurs when one really considers the idea at hand.

Effective use of the look at internal meetings can even help you lighten up your client meeting load, as client-facing stakeholders fear you’ll use it when they present their pie-in-the-sky-ala-mode proposals to actual clients in addition to the meetings where they tell the internal team what they’ve promised the client.

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