Sweepstakes Co-Sponsored By HP, Apparently

When you complete an entry to the Hungry-Man Lucky 07 Sweepstakes, it offers you a chance to print a coupon:

Your Hungry-Man coupon!
Click for full size

Let’s ignore the obvious JavaScript error. Click that Print Here, and here’s what you get:

The Hungry-Man coupon on a field of black
Click for full size

The coupon, and the rest of the page in solid black. Hewlett-Packard and all of the Cartridge Worlds/Walgreens in the world thank Launchpad for its efforts to stimulate the demand for toner and ink cartridges around the world.

You want to know how this sort of thing gets through? In most cases, coupon printing runs through a third party ActiveX widget or whatnot, so it’s not the agency’s problem when they go awry or it’s not the agency’s problem that the customer/user is printing a black field; that waste comes out of someone else’s pocket. There’s no responsibility in for the agency when their team can point fingers at third party integrations or whatnot.

However, it looks like this thing uses technology developed by Launchpad, so the problem is that the company just didn’t test it. Also, another problem is that you can print the coupon as many times as you want. Traditionally, programs of this nature are limited to a distinct number of coupons and somehow try to limit individual users or computers to a single coupon. If that’s a requirement here, Launchpad has failed miserably.

If you’re like me, you’re printing out hundred just in case Hungry-Man coupons become the money after the apocalypse.

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