WashingtonPost.com Danged If It Doesn’t, Danged If It Does

Problems with ad serving software on WashingtonPost.com. Sometimes, on the home page, there’s a missing object:

The object isn't there.
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And even when the object is there, it has problems:

Hah!  This is an object, but a broken object.
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I assume this is the ad server since the problem doesn’t happen on every page load and when it appears with the missing method argument, it leaves an empty spot marked Advertisement.

You should know by now, fellow QA, that when you have to integrate your company’s product with third party code, you do test that code out as thoroughly as your own company’s code, don’t you? Don’t leave that testing to the hands of your development staff, since they’ll be even less rigorous with it than they are with their own stuff. You have got to identify the gotchas so you can work around them and prevent them from spoiling your user’s experience.

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