A Foolish Consistency

Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”  He could have also made that point about Web design if he’d lived to be 210 years old.  Case in point: This privacy statement on the Westlake Ace Feedback site:

 Think of it as a link-based koan
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The link in the footer links to the current page, of course.  It’s like having a link labeled HOME on the index page of a site.  Sure, it’s not hurting anything, but conceptually and logically, it’s flawed, since it–based on the nature of links–acts as though it’s going to take the user somewhere else.

Additional design mockery below the fold.

And what gives with the race question here?

There is no other.  No other radio button, anyway.
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There is no radio button for the other option, so it’s not clear whether I’m allowed to choose a race and enter a value for the other.  Because I wanted my five dollar coupon for my feedback for reals, I didn’t try to break the application, but it’s not clear how the user should tackle this question, much less a QA staff who needs to test it.

Hey, good enough, though: Ace must have cut the check to the vendor for this bit.

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