A Nonworking Nonflash Alternative

When you depend upon a Flash piece to jazz up your home page, you need to provide an alternative for users who don’t have Flash installed or who have a version your Web site and gee-whizzery doesn’t support.  Typically, this is a simple image filling that spot.  Ace Hardware has it right.  Almost.

It's like a haunted house with all these cold spots.
Click for full size

You can see it’s an image.  It’s actually the first frame of the Flash animation exported as a JPG.  The problem?  The Flash animation contains a trio of hot spots.  The JPG?  Not so much.

They could have built an image map, or they could have removed the hotspot elements before export, or they could have even just made the whole image into a link to a store page.  Instead, they went the simple, thoughtless way and left the image unclickable, even though it would seem to indicate that you can click it to go places.

Hey, it’s cheap and easy, and the paychecks cash just as easy.

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