Blaming The Victim

Over the weekend, several people told me that Pizza Hut was having trouble with its online ordering.  Some stores were apparently unable to process orders placed online, and the Web site itself offered one user this helpful message when trying to preorder:

Your insolent browser has made an error.
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I love how that error message, Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand, makes it sound like it’s your browser’s fault.  Not that it’s the previous Web page that built a bad request out of its hacked-together code.

It’s not me, it’s you.  If this were vocalized, it would not be HAL’s voice.  It would be that dev team leader with the thin glasses and Van Dyke (not a freaking goatee, people!) who always explains suavely to the project manager that only QA would find error #7.56808d1.1215369972.0.  Yeah, QA and innumerable hungry people on a holiday weekend.

Speaking of which, what was it, the load this weekend?  Or an ill-timed upgrade of some sort?  Sure, a nice, long holiday weekend is a good time to make an update to a business application, but not a consumer-facing application.

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