In The Event Of Nothing, Type Something Arbitrary

Well, it’s not that bad.  Not that bad.

The Lakeside Collection, a catalog mail order company with a Web site, prefers to know from what source it bought your name to send it a catalog, and they’re not above making you jump through extra hoops to feed its data hunger.  To whit:

Enter the data or a value that's typed for you in text on this page
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The field is required; you must enter the number from somewhere on your catalog to complete a Web-based order.  If you don’t have a catalog, you need to enter the arbitrary number provided.

I can understand they want to know what mailing lists they’re buying that are providing the best leads, but they’re making me go through the extra step of looking for my catalog and finding this little number and typing it in here just to complete a sale.  Additionally, a lot of people (me included) will just type the bogus number anyway, so why require the field?  Simply stuff the Web-shopper number into the database in this position unless a person wants to enter the data.  That’s what I’d recommend for usability sake, anyway.

But I’m just a QA guy.  And a user.  And, in this case, a customer.

My little Scottie is so going to love his widdle Boston University sweater.

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