What Do You Call A Manager Of Offshore Resources?

Jr Software Tester, if you can get away with it:

*Maintenance of the environments for the SE system test systems. *Execution of testing processes prior to live deployment. *Interaction with other organizations to get sufficient support from the instructions for PM, Planning and Validation team and all others necessary throughout our portion of the testing life cycle. *Oversee and direct workload from US day shift to offshore resources *Defect management and problem resolution for testing errors

Those whacky jobs posted on Craigslist.  When you manage people, it’s like called a management sort of position in most places.  Perhaps this job poster doesn’t equate furriners as people.

If it’s the philosophy of the hiring firm to indeed have someone come in off of the street and manage the offshore team, perhaps the job heading should be more appropriately titled Scapegoat wanted! with a description Make slightly more than you would managing a gas station, but with more ulcers.

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