Why Rabies Is Better Than QA

Sometimes, people characterize QA as rabid.  Or maybe they’re just talking about me.  Regardless, I’d like to set the record straight:  actually having rabies is better than working in QA for the following reasons:

  • HR is much more understanding when you bite a developer.
  • With rabies, it’s seven pains in the stomach and you’re cured.  With QA, seven pains in the stomach means your ulcer has made it through the week.
  • Cooler fictional archetype, Cujo, versus the predominant–and by “predominant” I mean really the only one I can think of–fictional QA archetype Creed Bratton.
  • Foaming at the mouth stains less than spitting coffee when project managers tell you that you actually have minus two days to test a project, so you’d better start spinning the globe backwards like Superman immediately.
  • You can pass on rabies; you cannot teach QA.
  • Normal people understand what rabies is and have sympathy for it.
  • The career is mercifully shorter.

On the other hand, QA pays slightly better.

No Responses to “Why Rabies Is Better Than QA”

  1. strazzerj Says:

    You think Cujo is cooler than Creed Bratton? Has Cujo ever faked his own death for tax reasons? I think not!

  2. The Director Says:

    Obviously, you need to watch the end of Cujo again. A nuanced reading shows that he actually has a ticket to the Caymans under his collar and a box of blanks buried in the yard.

    Oh, wait, that’s Old Yeller.

  3. DarkStar Says:

    Actually, rabies can be cured with a few shots in the arm these days… I know – somebody once asked me to lead a QA effort.

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