It Only Annoys The Firefox Users

Say you’re running a famous and wildly successful QA blog whose advertising and t-shirt sales revenue were allowing you to go to to look for new digs.  You conduct your search and look over the first page of results.  Nothing here to see, so you mouse over what looks like a button of further search results.  The background changes and the mouse cursor changes to the pointing hand:

This would look to be a hotlink.
Click for full size

You click.  And nothing happens.

Silly user!  You see, the developers at have put in a bunch of JavaScript gee-whizzery to make this behave like it’s completely a button, but if you’re using Firefox, only the number or text is hyperlinked.

That is, 40% of the screen area where the mouse cursor is the pointing hand actually links anywhere.

Well, browser compatibility costs money, and it’s only enough to annoy you by making you wonder if you really clicked at all. Where else are you going to go to get MLS listings, simpleton?  Hit that number!

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