Miss Print? I Hardly Aimed At Her!

G33klady will like this one: It’s a problem with the print run of the August issue of Software Test and Performance magazine:

You should read the article more than once, apparently.
Click for full size

As you can see by the folded-over pages, the article and subsequent pages appear twice within the magazine.  At first, I thought I was crazy.  Then, I thought maybe it was some sort of viral thing about the Crazy About Testing conference they’re hawking.  Then, I realized, it was probably a problem at the print shop, that the pages were laid out on duplicate plates.

You know, when you discover a problem like this, the printer often gives you the choice of running it over or giving you a discount.  When I founded a magazine in the middle 90s, even before I was the surly QA guy you see before you, I took the option of running the thing over.


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  1. g33klady Says:

    It’s like when a commercial runs twice in a row, but only the most annoying commercials do that…

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